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ATgC  Project  Collaboration with Yuria Suzuki
Data: Project/ from 2017 (Works in progress and  ongoing research)
black powder, blood, dna(protein), etc..

The concept of his work is "to make fireworks (gunpowder) from human beings. I am experimenting to see if it is possible to make fireworks from the elements of the human body. We have taken blood, separated it, extracted iron, and mixed it with gunpowder; we have taken DNA, dried it, and mixed it with gunpowder; we have extracted sulfur from hair... In the future, I would like to create inorganic fireworks from organic materials that can be taken from a human body and create a metamorphosis from me →gunpowder→ fireworks→ combustion→smok and so on.

Image of an experiment to create fireworks from blood. making blood react with a luminol solution and emit light like a blue flame.

sulfur, pine, chacool and my blood

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