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Performance, Video, and Installation/ 2022

fireworks (lance red to blue 1min 168shots and fuses), wooden frame, phosphorescent paint, 4 black lights, projector

Each crate of "L/I/V/E" is an actual wooden frame with fireworks attached. Illuminated by a black light, the scorch mark of the fireworks appears black. It is like a shadow against the light of the fireworks. If you read the word "LIVE" from the opposite side, it becomes "EVIL". Japanese fireworks have the meaning of "requiem" and "prayer for peace," affirming life (LIVE), while the same gunpowder can be used as a weapon in wars born out of hatred (EVIL) and denying life. The minute of the beautifully burning fire with smoke is as silent as a silent prayer.

@ATAMI ART GRANT 2022 Photo: Naoki Takehisa

@ATAMI ART GRANT 2022 Photo: Naoki Takehisa

Performance & Exhibition:

       2022: "ATAMI ART GRANT 2022" NEW AKAO HOTEL. Atami, Japan

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