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Beauty and/or Scary
Fireworks Performance:  25min, 2018
Fireworks; gerb, flicker, saxon, comet, mine, and shell (60mm~210mm)
This work was created as an invitation piece for an international fireworks competition in Heilbronn, Germany.
Fireworks (gunpowder), depending on the person who handles them, can be both a weapon that harms people
and a firework that gives pleasure.

To express this duality, I created a work that included both "beauty" and "scary" at once in the same firework design.
For example, we first selected Mozart's "Requiem, Day of Wrath" as the music to evoke the image of fear and scary.

From there, Shimada choreographed fireworks to the music, and based on the movement of the fireworks, Shimada asked the composer to compose "beauty" music with the opposite image of "scary".

Through the process of music to fireworks and fireworks to music, Shimada created a product that included both "scary" and "beauty" in one firework performance.

Photo: Sebastian Gerhard

Photo: Hubert.h.Hartmann

Photo: Hubert.h.Hartmann

Fireworks Design and Fireworks Simulation for Composition


   2018: "Flammende Stren” International Fireworks, Heilbronn Germany

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