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Research for "WABI, SABI"/作品「和火・寂火」のためのリサーチ
Hanabi Score: 210mm* 6,000mm  
Research Documentation: panel, simulation video

The results of environmental research for the fireworks piece "Wabi- Sabi" to be presented

at Shinobazu Pond in Ueno, Tokyo, were compiled into a data file.

Shimada researched the surrounding environment (distance from the zoo and road, exhaust vents to the subway), wild bird life, wind direction, wind speed, humidity, pond water level, and other factors.

Based on this data, the fireworks were placed on 41 barges and designed so that they could be viewed

from all directions 360 degrees around the pond.

Since it takes 15 minutes to walk around the pond at an average walking speed,

Shimada decided to make the fireworks performance for 15 minutes and created a score for the 15 minutes of fireworks.

Hanabi Score: 210mm*6000mm

7th Moscow Int. Biennale of Contemporary Art "Clouds⇄Forests"
New Tretyakov Gallery, Russia

Photo: courtesy of the Moscow Biennale Foundation

Main Exhibition:

2017-2018: 7th Moscow Int. Biennale of Contemporary Art "Clouds⇄Forests"@New Tretyakov Gallery, Russia

        2016: "ATLAS" Tokyo University of the Arts, the Toride campus, Ibaraki, Japan

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