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Hanabi Gate
video, 4 cylinder LED HD display, sound speaker 2018

This video work at the main entrance of Shibuya Seibu near the Shibuya scramble crossing.

The energy of the city of Shibuya was created to be seen as a single image with four pillars, centering on the center of the firework explosion and the fire sparks raining down on the city. In addition,

the program changes with each hour in the order of "color_normal," "color_reverse," "B/W_normal," "B/W_reverse," and "color_normal. Viewed throughout the day, the image of the explosion changes in response to the changing energy of the Shibuya area. ​

Main Exhibition:

        2018: "ARTS AFFAIR of GEIDA", Main Entrance "Art Gate" Shibuya Seibu, Tokyo Japan

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