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Fireworks Performance,
fireworks, fireworks ignition system, steel, aluminum, winch, motor, battery, pulley, drone camera No trespassing tape, pylons, FM radios, screens, etc.

This is the second performance in a series of experiments and demonstrations of perspectives and psychological effects of watching fireworks, conducted at the end of 2020 when the new coronavirus had eased up a bit.


No trespassing, safety distances, repeated inspections, flying sparks, pyrotechnicians in yellow vests, instructions over the radio, heavy Machinery, smoke smells, and fireworks.....

With these keywords, the demonstration was performed in a way that involved the audience and was filmed and live-streamed.(Streamed live on YouTube).


*Permission and notification to the authorities, fire brigade and police are required according to the amount of gunpowder, but we dared to use an amount of gunpowder within the notification range.

(There is no need to get 'permission' from the administration, and in a sense this can be interpreted as the trust and freedom of the citizens living there).

Photo: Great the Kabukicho

Performance video : ​"Public Device"  Ueno Tokyo


       2020: "Public Device" Ueno Tokyo Japan



       2020: "Public Device" Chinretsukan, Ueno Tokyo Japan

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